Times When You May Need a Family Lawyer

If you are having legal problems with your family, you may need a family lawyer to help you work through the issues. Problems such as divorce, adoption, and creating a will or trust can all create schisms within your family, and involving a lawyer is the best way to make sure that everyone’s rights are protected and that your relationships don’t suffer.


Going through a divorce is one of the main reasons why people look into family law in Adelaide. Family lawyers will represent you during this difficult time and will make sure that you get the settlement you deserve. Hiring a family lawyer to assist you during a divorce is especially important when there are children who will be affected.

More than simply fighting for custody of the child, you need to make sure that their needs are taken care of. This may mean that you agree to joint custody or child support so that the children will not suffer after the divorce.


One of the most exciting times in a couple’s life is when they are going to expand their family with a child. Adoption is a wonderful way to bring a child into your life, but there can be a lot of tricky paperwork to sort through in the process. You want to make sure that your rights as the adoptive parents are protected and that you will never run into issues of the child being placed back with their biological family. To protect your new family and guarantee that your child will remain with you throughout their life, it’s a smart move to hire a family lawyer to ensure that all documents are signed and filed correctly.

Family Law Mediation

If your family has a dispute that you need help settling, reaching out to a lawyer to act as a mediator can help you reach an agreement with little frustration. Family mediation may be able to help you reach a decision and avoid going to trial, which can be costly in both time and money. While this is a great option to help some families work through their issues, because the decisions aren’t always legally binding and the process tends to be informal, you must rely on the word and honour of all involved parties to stick to the agreement.

If you have problems in your family and you feel like you could benefit from speaking to an expert, calling a family lawyer who specialises in your problem area can relieve a lot of the stress you are feeling and help you reach a decision. Whether you are considering separation from your spouse, are signing a prenuptial agreement, or simply need a third-party mediator to offer advice and counsel, family lawyers are able to help with a number of issues.