Ip jobs in demand in 2017

The world is developing at a very quick pace, more and more inventions are coming to our lives every year, thus more and more people require a reliable companion, ready to help them secure newly-born inventions and unique ideas. As a result, nowadays people tend to turn to ip lawyers. That’s why one can assert that ip jobs are an emerging trend in our society. Let’s take a closer look at their variety.

Despite the fact, that there are a great many various vacancies on the market, all these specialists occupy themselves with the similar activities. If you google for the ip jobs, you are likely to obtain the following results:

  • Patent agent
  • Intellectual property paralegal
  • Intellectual property analyst
  • Patent analyst


In general these specialists have to service the following requirements:

  1. Ip lawyers are supposed to have a Bachelor’s degree in one of the following spheres: law, technical, scientific or engineering, later on, they are to attend the Law School and pass the patent bar exam in order to get the license and be allowed to practice as ip attorneys.
  2. Surely, practice is of crucial importance and in order to attract clients one should obtain hands-on skills. Ip lawyers can get the position in various law offices, corporations, governmental establishments, banks.
  3. Job Duties. As for patent attorneys, they are supposed to fulfill the following tasks:
  • Filing and prosecuting the patent application;
  • Defending the clients in court and providing legal representation (in case of patent infringement);
  • Conducting researches to ensure that the invention hasn’t been yet presented to the public and so is patentable;
  • Challenging to the license of an invention and appealing to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or to UK Intellectual Property Office.

As for the Intellectual property paralegals, they are supposed to work for companies, law offices, corporations, or other entities and perform some duties, especially delegated by the attorneys and under their supervision. As a rule, there are some restrictions – they are not allowed to perform some tasks that are considered to be ‘practicing law’, e.g. presenting clients in court.

While the demand for the ip jobs increases, so do a number of the specialists. That’s why it becomes necessary to be able to find a skilled and devoted specialist to build long-term business relations.