Fraud Covers a Number of Crimes

Fraud is not a charge that is general in nature. It can also cover fraud-related offences in Perth. These offences may include theft, robbery, armed robbery, aggravated burglary, and burglary. Add to that money laundering, handling of stolen property, and going equipped to steal. Defrauding the Commonwealth, bribery, and forgery round out the list.

Defining Fraud

The category of fraud itself is recognised as being the most costly in terms of charges. Whilst some people do not believe that fraud or deception is all that serious, the court and police do not share this view. Fraud, broadly defined, is the intent of a person to deceive another party by fraudulent means to gain a direct benefit. It may also include causing detriment to someone else by indirect or direct means.

expertise of criminal defence lawyers in Perth

Therefore, fraud may include the following activities:

  • Convincing another party to deliver stolen property to someone else
  • Obtaining the property of another party deceptively
  • Gaining a financial benefit or causing a financial loss to another party
  • Inducing a person to keep from acting lawfully

Again, the judicial system does not look with any measure of leniency on a fraud case. Often, victims of fraud sustain substantial financial harm when they are defrauded. This can lead to a great deal of suffering.

Obtain Legal Help Right Away

You need the expertise of criminal defence lawyers in Perth when you are faced with a charge of fraud. This matter cannot be lightly swept away. Fraud itself can be further segregated into the following categories:

  • Cheque fraud is not as prevalent as we continue to move into a cashless society. However, people still get charged with the crime from time to time.
  • Hacking is a criminal offense that involves the use of restricted computer access without consent.
  • Credit card fraud involves the misuse of a debit card or credit card. This is a common fraud offence. The popular use of credit cards and debit cards has increased the risk of the activity.
  • Online fraud happens when a person gains property or a financial advantage by deceptive means on the Internet.
  • Identity theft can range from the illegal use of a credit card to the assumption of someone else’s identity. It may also include conducting business in someone else’s name without his or her knowledge or consent.
  • The use of spam or spyware is also considered fraudulent. Electronic messaging that is unsolicited is another form of fraud.

If you have been charged with any type of fraudulent activity, you need to speak to a lawyer who specialises in this area of the law. A knowledgeable criminal defence lawyer can strategise your case for a more favourable outcome. Without a lawyer’s guidance, you will significantly reduce your chances of receiving equitable results.