Find Brooklyn Immigration Lawyer To Know Immigration Laws

Are you an immigrant living in Los Angeles? Are you being deported from your place? If so, then you don’t need to worry. United States immigration laws are very complex and require a great understanding of the immigration law book. People living in the U.S sometimes get the notice from immigration department that their presence in the State is illegal and they will be deported soon. If you have received such notice then you need to know some facts. The immigration laws allow the judiciary to deport any person who is living in the U.S unlawfully or is an immigrant and has committed a crime. In that case, the immigration department can deport you to your motherland. But these circumstances can be changed if you know the laws.  When dealing with immigration matters, it is extremely important that you consult an experienced and can find Brooklyn immigration lawyer.

The role that an immigration attorney plays in your case is vital. You cannot win an immigration case without the help of a good attorney. And one such experienced immigration and visa attorney lies in Brooklyn. After working for many years in New England, Joshua Goldstein has brought his exceptional advocacy skills to Los Angeles to help the people suffering from immigration problems.

There is a great difference between being a citizen of the U.S and living in the U.S lawfully. If you are a citizen of the United States, then you are allowed to cast a vote, travel outside the states for an extended period of time as well as you can live in a different country without losing your U.S citizenship. Whereas if, you are an immigrant you are not allowed to cast the vote, neither you can leave the states for an extended period of time. Moreover, one should also know that even if you are in the U.S for marrying a U.S citizen, you can be deported as well. There is a condition included. If you are marrying a U.S citizen then you have to do the marriage within 90 days of your visit, failing to which you are liable to be deported. Therefore you should always take following steps if you face any immigration issues in the Brooklyn–

  • Consult an experience and find brooklyn immigration lawyer.
  • Provide all the documents regarding the permit of your stay.
  • Never run away with the issue, you cannot deny it.
  • Be available and cooperate with the proceedings

The immigration laws in the United States give equal opportunities to the people who have migrated from other countries to live in the U.S. If you follow the laws and consult a good and experienced immigration attorney, you will never have to leave your place. The good immigration lawyer is just like a good friend. Always make sure to cross check the online reviews of the lawyer you are hiring, the ratings would help you the judge the talent the particular lawyer has.