It is difficult to put yourself in the shoes of someone going through a divorce, especially if you are just a kid who found out life as he knew it is going to completely change. In the top of sadness and grief, death is the only one who outranks divorce as a cause. It is a lot a pressure, confusion and stress that is being put on their shoulders. Not to mention the psychological risks they can be exposed to, such as depression or personality disorders.

The latest numbers available regarding child of divorce come from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and are from 2013. They report that almost 95,000 children aged up to 16 years old have experienced divorce[1]. When a separation takes place, the partner who relocates is required to pay child support or alimony to the parent who gets custody. It’s a tale as old as time, but to resolve this usually a child support attorney is involved to ensure the child’s best interest.

There are different views revolving around the subject of child support in the UK. According to a poll published in British Social Attitudes[2], only 20% of the British public believes that the state should never force a parent to pay child support. Furthermore, they believe the amount paid should increase depending on the income of the parent who is not the main caretaker. In addition, the results of the poll point out that regardless if one parent is uninvolved completely in the child’s life, child support should be paid. On the other hand, there are various sorts of cases where neither one of the parents pay child support, or they have different agreements.

What a child support attorney can help with is ensure all income is accurately taken into consideration and that other costly factors are vouched in, such as the child’s age or potential disabilities. They can also help when one of the parents refuses to pay the support. But they don’t come necessarily cheap with a fixed rate of £150 to £200 per hour, which is why some people choose to settle arrangements without involving one. Usually, they are hired when there are high amounts of money involved.

Currently, child support in the UK is calculated evaluating the income of both parents. The non-resident parent needs to pay the agreed amount until the child reaches 19 years old. This also applies for children coming from a second family, and the number of children overall plays a roleas well. In most cases, parents are able to reach an agreement regarding all these decisions.

Despite being divorced, it is important for both parents to keep in mind that their obligation is ultimately to their children. They become collateral victims, and it is important for the now ex-couple to try and do everything causing as little harm as possible. Irrespective if a child support attorney is involved or not.