All about Levaquin Legal Aid

Levaquin belonging to the class of fluoroquinolone antibiotics is manufactured by the Pharma giant Johnson and Johnson. The antibiotic has been majorly used for the treatment of bacterial infections of the skin, kidney and lungs. Other than this the antibiotic has been useful in the treatment of sinus, bronchitis and pneumonia. However after a series research and studies conducted over the years and also the user feed back the antibiotic had caused serious irreparable damage to the patient. This was mainly considered to be happening due to the lack of information by the manufacturer about the potential side effects. The last resort for many to gain compensation for their loss has been the Levaquin legal aid. Many victims have come forward in filling lawsuits and seeking justice against the manufacturer.

Steps to file a Levaquin Lawsuit

If you have been diagnosed with an irreversible side effect due to the usage of levaquin then the lawsuit can be filed on the grounds of permanent disability, emotional distress, loss of job and increased medical expenses. Before filling a lawsuit there are certain criterion that one should be aware off to avoid hassles at a later stage. All the users must satisfy the conditions in order to be eligible to file a legal action or obtain Levaquin legal aid.

  • The user has no prior allergies to the antibiotics of the fluoroquinolone class.
  • User has no prior history of diabetes or peripheral neuropathy.
  • The user has not tested positive for HIV or is under the influence of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Levaquin was not used as a treatment for serious infections.
  • The drug was used between 2002 and 2013.

The above are a set of general criterion that are required to be followed but for finalising the law suit  one must not do a self eligibility check. Always get the process done by an experienced levaquin attorney. He will further investigate the medical records to determine if you are eligible to file the law suit. There are various reasons to file the law suit for example it will help you tackle the medial expenses to a great extent. Other then this it will send across a message to the manufacturer that what they did was wrong. And also will help create an awareness among the people so that more people do not suffer from the similar side effects.

The antibiotic had the potency to cause nerve damage and altered sensation. If you experience the feeling of numbness, pain, tingling or continuous weakness in the arms or legs call your doctor immediately. The antibiotic also has been reported to cause tendon rupture that is tearing of fibrous tissues that connect the bone to the muscles. Despite of such life threatening side effects the Johnson and Johnson has maintained a stand that the side effects outweigh the immense positive benefits. Therefore it is very important that if you are a victim of side effects of the antibiotic to take the legal course.